Tide Buzz: "Does It Work?"

When stains happen, the possibility of getting them to come out is a 50/50 proposition. Fifty percent depends on what you spilled and the other half depends on what kind of fabric you've spilled on.

Well, all the rules about stains are about to change. Have you heard "the buzz" on Tide's new product called the Buzz? It's supposed to be breakthrough technology that erases stains on the spot. But "Does It Work?" We're about to find out.

Cross a laundry detergent with a power drill and you get something like the Buzz. It's produced by Tide and constructed by Black & Decker. When we first saw it, we didn't quite know what it was.

Tide throws in a bottle of its special cleaning solution which feeds into the device. We plug it in and get ready to buzz out some stains.

Here's the claim made on the Buzz's box: "removes stains before you wash, so you know they're gone." Inside, the product says you should be able to wear the garment as soon as it air dries. We'll see...

There are two buttons on the wand. One shoots out the liquid, the other provides the ultrasonic buzz. Combined they'll go up against a chocolate stain on a cotton shirt, a marinara stain on a silk tie, a butter stain on a wool suit, a soy sauce stain on a cotton shirt and a grease stain on a cotton shirt.

The directions tell you to squirt on some of the solution and move the wand around with the tip just making contact with the stain. Of course, we're supposed to hit the ultrasonic buzz button on the wand when we do this. That's what we did.

Here's what we got when everything had dried.

The tie did not come clean. The marinara stain was still visible. The butter stain on the wool-- still there. The soy sauce was spread around, but we couldn't get it to come out. The grease stain didn't budge very much and was still clearly visible. The only thing we had luck with was the chocolate stain on the cotton shirt. But we're betting that would have come out in a regular wash cycle.

"Does It Work?" We give the Tide Buzz a "no." We paid 40 dollars for the Tide Buzz at Target.