TJC championship coaches reunite at national tournament

TJC championship coaches reunite at national tournament

The TJC women's tennis team leads entering day four of the NJCAA National Championship Tournament.  The Apache Ladies are using the home court to their advantage.  You could also say they have a great coaching advantage.

TJC had three national championship coaches in attendance on Tuesday.  Former coaches Fred Kniffen and John Peterson were in the stands, along with current coach Dash Connell.

"That's 3 of the 4 of the coaches we've had in our history," said TJC athletic director Dr. Tim Drain.  "And how successful we've been in tennis, and to look over there, that's a lot of tennis knowledge. That's a hall of fame sitting over there."

Kniffen, Peterson, Connell and former coach Robert Cox have combined to win 17 national championships in women's tennis at TJC.

"You forget about it sometimes," said Connell.  "You enjoy the atmosphere and forget that Fred Kniffen is here and John Peterson's here. It's a lot of good advice you get from guys like that. They know what I'm going through, the nerves the pressure and the fun we have. It's just a lot of fun."

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