Does It Work?: Potato Express

(KLTV) - Potato Express says their microwave potato cooker will make the perfect potato in just four minutes. It's as easy as inserting the potatoes, microwaving and getting perfect results, but is it in the bag?

"You get those cats out of my swimming pool or I'm not buying you underwear anymore. No, hold on, can I call you back in about five minutes? Yeah, thanks. Wow, perfect potatoes in just four minutes? Nothing takes under five minutes anymore," I said.

"Let's open it up," I suggested.

The cloth bag has a whole lotta "do nots" printed on the front. I guess it gets hot.

"All right, now I just need some potatoes," I said, and of course they just popped in from space or something.

"Okay. Let's try it. Let's see if four will fit," I said.

The fourth one was a struggle.

"This is like trying to put underwear on a dog. Not that I've ever done that. Okay, there was that one time in Germany, but I was young. I needed the money," I admitted.

"What I have here is two identical microwave ovens, and I was thinking we'd take the two potatoes closest in size, one with Potato Express, one without it, and give them four minutes in the hot box," I said.

"All right, let's see how we did here. Are these going to be hot? It's not that hot. Okay, it's hot," I said.

"All right, a couple of forks, please," I asked the special effects team. They popped in behind my ears.

"Oh, I see how it works. I'm going to need a knife, too. You know what? I'm not stupid," I said walking out of the room. And the knife popped in, point down and sticking in my chair.

"Ha! I've been doing this a long time. This is why I got out of the chair. All right, let's cut into these," I said.

Both potatoes are very hot, but not very done. The Potato Express didn't seem to cook any faster, and neither was done after 4 minutes.

We tried a smaller potato in the bag for four, cut it and took a bite.

"Okay, that's done," I observed.

It says right on the bag cooking times may vary based on microwave power output and other factors, which is probably potato size. The bag advises additional minute increments of cooking.

One last larger potato was in the bag, and it took more time. Seven minutes all together. The potato did seem to have more moisture in it from the Potato Express.

So, does it work? Well, it wouldn't hold four potatoes. Only the smallest cooked in four minutes. It took seven minutes on a larger potato, and we saw very little difference when we cooked a potato without the bag. We give the potato express a no.

If you bake a lot of potatoes you're not taking a big risk at $10 to try the bag in your microwave. It just didn't perform well with our larger potatoes and our microwaves. We got it at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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