Substitute Bus Driver Refused To Drive Students Home

45 kids, from kindergarten through high school, are forced off their school bus by the driver and told to find their own way home. That's according to Tatum I.S.D. Superintendent Dee Hartt.

It happened yesterday with bus number 11, when a substitute was driving. The driver says several students were setting off the alarm on the back door. When the students wouldn't stop, the driver returned to the bus barn, removed the students and told them to either call a parent or walk home.

For Lidia Guijarro's 14 year old son, and many others, that would have meant crossing a major highway and walking 4 miles. The school says the employee is no longer allowed to drive a bus, but parents say that's not enough.

"My son took off across highway 43 over to his uncle's house and his uncle luckily was home and brought him home. Other kids went across 49 to the Fina station. Their children were endangered," says Lidia.

"In no way does the district condone that. The action of the bus driver was inappropriate. Our training is totally opposite of what he did. He made a mistake and we apologize for that," says Superintendent Hartt.

Some students as young as 4 were left trying to figure out what to do. Most students called parents, but the school acknowledges that several students did walk home.

Amy Tatum, reporting.