Power of Prayer: Pastor Gilberto Avila

Power of Prayer: Pastor Gilberto Avila

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A local pastor is trying to bridge the gap for Hispanic East Texans.

Pastor Gilberto Avila made his first trip to Tyler back in 1979, and says East Texas has changed a lot since then.

He tells us, "John Tyler has become a majority Hispanic students. It has changed the demographic and most importantly, it's only growing the Hispanic community and professionally it's also growing."

But Pastor Avila says there's more work to be done. As president of the Hispanic Pastors Alliance, Avila helps set the tone for the issues that need to be addressed at each meeting. He says, ""We are coming together, us pastors, to bring unity between the different denominations because although there are many denominations there is only one Lord and Savior. So we come together to have fellowship. Also to discuss things that are happening in the community with politics and the community. And we come together to pray about those problems."

The alliance is also providing resources for the people who need them most. Pastor Avila does marriage counseling and puts Hispanic East Texans in touch with other organizations and programs like Ninos de Promesa, a bilingual program for mothers with small children.

Pastor Avila adds that "If they don't have insurance and they're working, they can go to Bethesda Clinic. They help people who are working and don't have insurance, that's somewhere we refer them." Several pastors are working diligently to empower others, praying for greater unity in our area, our state, and our nation.

Nueva Creacion, or New Creation Church is located at 325 South Broadway in Tyler. Sunday services begin at 11:00 a.m.

You can also get more information on other resources at the church.

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