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History of deadly domestic violence in Salley family; ex-wife speaks out


The murder-suicide involving a Gloster couple on Friday echoes a tragically similar and deadly episode of domestic violence involving the same family 15 years ago.

Police say Mike Salley forced his way into his wife Gwen's car as she arrived to pick their daughter up from a daycare in Stonewall on Friday afternoon. He was armed with a shotgun and forced her to drive away. Deputies caught up with them on Johns Gin Road, just south of Keatchie-Marshall Road in south Caddo Parish. Deputies followed the car down an oilfield road where it eventually stopped in a clearing. Just as they got out and identified themselves, they heard the three shots inside the vehicle.

They say Mike Salley had fatally shot his wife, and then himself.

Mike Salley had a brother named Charles Salley. In 1999, police say Charles shot and killed his girlfriend and his own daughter. KSLA News 12 spoke with that little girl's mother, who says these two stories are shockingly similar.

"I'm still shaking and I'm absolutely horrified, however it's not surprising. I think this family has a history of domestic violence and maybe a history of mental illness," says Kris Barney, ex-wife of Charles Salley.

Let's go back to January 12, 1999. Kris's ex-husband, Charles Salley picked their daughter up from work and drove to a hospital where one of his ex-girlfriends, Michelle Riley, was working. "At that moment Michelle was coming out of work. He shot her point blank in the face, there were lots of witnesses because everybody scattered in the parking lot," says Kris. "After he killed her, he went to his truck and got my daughter and took her over to Michelle's body and shot her twice."

Then police say Charles Salley refused to put his weapon down and was shot and killed by police. "Let me tell you something about the Salley men, they don't like change, they don't like being out of control, they have to control every aspect," says Kris.

Friday night, Mike Salley had a very similar violent reaction. "I'm shaking right now, I am still in shock because I can't believe that this has happened again within the same family, and the story, compared to my story, there are so many similarities, it's creepy."

Kris and Gwenn, married to the Salley men, both eventually had protective orders placed against the men, and in both cases, those orders didn't stop the deadly gun shots. "Although she might have had a protective order, she was not protected properly."

Kris says, before Charles killed her daughter in 1999, she spent every day building a case to keep her daughter away from the man who she says was stalking and terrorizing her. "I had begged and pleaded with the judge, this is happening to me, I am terrified for our lives, he still gave Charles Salley unsupervised visitation."

Kris was ordered to hand her daughter, Miranda, over to the man who eventually killed her. "I am terribly sorry that another family has suffered at the hands of another Salley," Kris says.

Although Gwenn and Mike's child will now have to grow up without her parents, Kris says she is glad their little girl made it out alive.

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