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7 from 7: Stories for your Thursday

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Good afternoon, and happy Thursday to you all.

Here are some stories for you to peruse this afternoon:

1. Do you feel that most people need a college degree to succeed in life? Some officials say no, band that there are things our students should consider instead. KLTV's Lexie Cook will have an in depth report on this subject tonight at 10, and at 6, will give you a preview of what she's found.

2. House lawmakers voted for the sixth year in a row on Thursday to deny themselves the cost-of-living pay hike that they would otherwise automatically receive next January.

3. A pony was rescued by an East Texas good Samaritan and a local horse rescue group because it was being neglected and was in pain; we followed his story from the beginning of his rescue to yesterday, when we caught him practically dancing for joy at the rescue ranch.  Read Big Ben's story here, which includes pictures from along the way.

4. Soon after the Korean ferry began to tilt, there was nervous laughter, jokes about the Titanic and talk of selfies and Facebook posts from the doomed high school students huddled below deck. But the lighthearted atmosphere soon turned serious as the listing worsened. Fear began building, and one student asked on a video, "Am I really going to die?"

5. A squirrel "went nuts" on a Maine teen taking a "selfie" on a walk through the park.

6. After 10 years as the host of CBS's The Late Late Show, comedian Craig Ferguson will step down in 2015, following David Letterman in the mass exodus of CBS late night talk show hosts. Who do you think a worthy successor might be?

7. The second day of testimony in the trial for accused mall shooter Ricky Neal Jr. began on Thursday. Neal is accused of shooting and killing Christopher Mass in the parking lot of the Broadway Square Mall in February 2014. Here are the updates from the courtroom today.

Check us out on the livestream of our newscasts on KLTV com at 4, 5 and 6. We'll see you soon!

Stephanie Frazier
KLTV Digital Content Producer

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