Texas boy completes wish list as he prepares to go blind

Texas boy completes wish list as he prepares to go blind

DALLAS (CNN)- A boy in Dallas is preparing to go blind. He's been on his way since he was born. Now, he understands his time being able to see is limited. He has decided to work through a bucket list for his eyesight of things he wants to see while he still has the chance.

While most 9-year-old boys are learning to play video games or baseball, Ben Pierce is learning to become blind. Ben was born more than four weeks early at just one pound, six ounces. He was so tiny, his eyelids were still fused shut.

"My hope was I'd just get to see him before he passed. I just wanted to be out of the general long enough to see him and say hello and good-bye," said Ben's mom. "Just crash after crash and he kept pulling through."

Despite the odds, Ben is healthy today. All except for his eyes.

"Sometimes I see little dots appearing out of nowhere," said Ben.

Reading his beloved books takes perfect lighting and sometimes a magnifying glass. His world is getting dimmer by the day.

"I just don't want to be blind. So some days it's really hard to think about," said Ben crying.

His family decided to create a wish list for him, ranging from the Northern Lights to Legoland. Ben's dreams are all over the map and many places are stepping up to help.

The Pierce's don't know how much time Ben has left before his sighted world goes dark forever, but when that does happen, thanks to his family and friends, he will always be able to see the pictures in his mind.

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