Better East Texas: Controversy creates slippery slope in the NBA

Better East Texas: Controversy creates slippery slope in the NBA

(KLTV) - By now you have heard the story of Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. Sterling was recorded saying racially charged comments which appear to reflect his personal beliefs.

Ultimately, the commissioner of the NBA issued a lifetime ban on Sterling, effectively removing him from acting as a team owner. Sterling appears to have showed his true feelings, but this was not the first time he has done it and it may not even be the most offensive. Considering his history, he should have been removed years ago. That is probably what should have happened.

Team owners in any sport should be held to a higher standard especially on race issues. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, made the point that this action is a slippery slope and I agree with him. It is good that the league has a mechanism for disciplining and even removing anyone associated with a team.

But the slippery slope comes into play because what happens if an owner expresses an opinion on a topic where America is split? Should an owner be disciplined or banned for taking a stand against same sex marriage? What if an owner decides that he or she doesn't want any expression of Christmas in their team's home arena? Or, what if they only promote a specific church while denouncing others? None of these are illegal actions, but they are now potential topics that the NBA could address. So, we'll see. It is a slippery slope and one that Donald Sterling should have encountered long before now.

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