Does It Work: The Wow Cup

Does It Work: The Wow Cup

(KLTV) - It's a cup that claims to be spill-free without a spout, lever or button. The Wow Cup sounds like it's perfect for little spillers, or maybe for big spillers. Ahh, but does it work?

The Wow Cup is spill-free with a 360 degree Even-Seal drinking edge; at least that's what it says on the packaging. The commercial makes similar claims:

"With Wow Cup you jump bump, roll in a race. Travel into outer space. Dance, flip, kick and spin; guess what? Your drink stays in."

"Ooo. I have to tell you after watching the commercial I'm a little worried about those kids flying around in outer space without helmets on, but what do you say we try it anyway," I said.

The Wow Cup is made up of three pieces: the silicone valve that keeps the liquid in, the locking valve ring that keeps it together, and the cup.

"Now I just need a kid," I said, and of course, one popped in on the table in front of me.

"Oh, hello. Hi, I'm Joe," I said to the random toddler, "High five?"

The kid complied.

"Want to try this cup? Yeah, we're going to give it a shot," I said.

"Oglay," said the toddler.

"Okay, let's try it," I agreed, "Let's put some milk in it."

While the cup was washed out, we looked at the directions.

"This print's a little small for me. Can you read that?" I asked the one-year-old.

"Okah, oh oh oh lukay," he said pointing at the directions.

"Why didn't I see that?" I said.

I opened the cup and poured milk to the fill line and resealed it.

"And now you drink," I said.

And he did...but not really. He couldn't get the hang of opening the silicon valve by sort of sucking on it. I tried encouraging him and showing him how it worked, but he just couldn't get the milk out of the cup. The cup was spill-free. He marched around like a toddler and didn't spill a drop, but the only way he could have any milk was if we took the lid off.

The packaging says it's made for 12 months and older, and our toddler is a year-and-a-half, but he just couldn't get the hang of it.

He marched right over to the trash can and threw the cup away.

"That seems like it's going to get a maybe," I observed.

Fortunately, I had a spare Wow Cup. I gave the toddler a high five goodbye and decided to test the product myself. I found I could handle the cup just fine, but you do have to push the silicone valve with your lip, and kind of suck the liquid out.

Although the package says it's for 12 months plus, the silicone valve is a little complicated for a toddler and could cause some frustration.

Does It Work? Well,


seems appropriate for the Wow Cup.

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