Tyler PD Changes Policy On Taser Use

The Tyler Police Department's use of tasers will not be restricted after a change in policy.
Tasers deliver a sudden shock of 50,000 volts, stopping a suspect from moving.
Tyler Police Chief Gary Swindle told KLTV the change means the use of tasers will now follow pepper spray on a list of levels of force to apply to suspects.
The chief said officers will use the taser only if the situation truly calls for it.
"We have raised it up," said Chief Swindle, "we do want them to use the OC (pepper) spray first if they can, if that option is available to them, but then they can use the taser."
Currently Tyler PD has 3 tasers. Chief Swindle said the department ordered 30 more and expect to have those by the first of the year.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com