Nanny Facing Abuse Charges

A family in Long Island has their worst fears confirmed about their once trusted nanny. Now, that nanny is facing charges of abuse in a Long Island court.

Kristin Hayes and her husband say the tape shows the nanny slapping the baby's behind, and when she didn't stop crying, she kicked her in the same place over and over. Then, the nanny put the baby on her lap and smothered her with a stuffed animal. Luckily, the child wasn't hurt.

It was pure instinct that told Kristin that something was wrong. Kristin says that's when she insisted her husband install a hidden camera. It only took the Hayes twenty-four hours to confirm Kristin's instincts were right.

The nanny, Bella Zalamea, was no stranger to the Hayes family, they'd used her in Manhattan and had rehired her when they moved to a Long Island suburb.

The tape of the nanny is now being held as evidence.

Kristin Hayes says there were no signs of abuse and no bruises, she just went on a hunch that something wasn't right.

If convicted, the nanny, Bella Zalamea, faces a year in prison.