Power of Prayer: Historic Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church

Power of Prayer: Historic Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church

MARSHALL, TX (KLTV) - Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church is the oldest historic African-American church in Marshall, and the second-oldest in Harrison County.

"This month we will be celebrating 15 years of service with this congregation which is truly a blessing. To be at one place and still have a love and a joy for what you're doing," said Pastor James Webb.

Pastor Webb is the man who takes the pulpit at this storied church every Sunday morning. He's proud to call Bethesda home, and he has a passion for new believers.

"They confess Jesus Christ as their personal savior and they believe everything is going to be wonderful and I'm not going to have any challenges, the old man is going to be put to death and crucified. Then they wake up the next morning and realize, wow, being a Christian is more than just confessing with your mouth," he said.

That's why he wrote his book, Power Walk Through the Holy Spirit. It was released only months ago, and is like an instruction manual on five major disciplines for Christians.

"One is prayer, one is obedience, another is worship, evangelism and reading the Bible. That really is a challenge for believers. The more help they can receive in that area, I think it helps them to power walk and make that journey through their Christian life."

And a small reminder that living as a Christian is a marathon, not a sprint.

"I tell people we all are works in progress. He's trying to perfect us," he said.

James Webb says he wrote the book to be a source of encouragement, all through the power of prayer.

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