COPY-Hunters Prepare For Deer Season

At local sporting goods stores, hunters were busy buying last minute supplies, ammunition, camouflage, even scent. This year, Texas Parks and Wildlife estimates there are over 4-million whitetail, and mule deer, in Texas. They're ready for what could be a record hunting year.

"Most of them have a hard time sleeping the week before getting ready for it" says game warden Cris Green.

For some Martin gas workers in Kilgore, the conversation isn't about work, but about tomorrow, the start of their favorite time of year.

"This day will be the longest of my life waiting for it to end, and tomorrow morning to start" says 23 year old hunter Lance Tippitt.

For some, like Tippitt, hunting is a family tradition five generations old, going back to the pioneer days. Others like Steve and Kay marling found hunting common ground for courtship and marriage.

"We do it together as a team , it's excitement when you see that deer, I was almost as excited when she got her first deer as she was, not quite" says Steve Marling.

But others hunt for a different aspect of the sport.

"Having 3 daughters and a wife it allows me to go out and do the guy thing and be with the guys instead of being with girls all the time" says hunter Matt Yost.

Many feel there is one single sensation that strikes every hunter... And it's not the kill.

"It's when you first see him, you can sit there for hours on end and see nothing, theres no other feeling like it" says Kay Marling.

If it weren't for hunters, the parks and wildlife department says deer populations would explode, causing mass starvation and disease among deer.

The deer season runs through the last week of December. Bob Hallmark reporting.