Bishop Gorman becomes first East Texas school to use Guardian Caps

Bishop Gorman becomes first East Texas school to use Guardian Caps

Bishop Gorman head football coach Coby Gipson has seen his share of head injuries.

"We had two players miss games last year because of concussions," said Gipson.

To help attack the problem head on, Bishop Gorman has become the 11th Texas high school and the first in East Texas, to use Guardian Caps.

It's a one size fits all soft shelled helmet cover, designed to reduce impact to the head.

"This is not going to be something that eliminates the threat of concussions," said Gipson. "But what we're trying to do it get our kids to put on the best equipment possible."

Guardian Caps say the helmet cover reduces impact by 33 percent. The company claims more than 21 thousand youth and college players currently use the product.

The helmet has it's critics. Guardian Caps have not been approved by the National Operating Committee for Standards in Athletic Equipment.   The Colorado High School Athletic Association has banned the helmet from games, and encouraged schools not to use the helmets for practice due to legal reasons.

However, Gipson says he's has talked to other coaches that have used the Guardian Cap.  The feedback has all been positive.

This past week, Gorman became the first school in Texas to use the helmet covers for middle school football players.

"I didn't want to go buy something because it sounded good," said Gipson.  "But we have the greatest medical team of doctors in here in this Gorman community led by Dr. Hobbs. They studied it as well and did research as well. They were completely on board with the idea."

Gipson believes its only a matter a time before the rest of East Texas follows.

"We hope other schools take the next step," said Gipson.  "I wouldn't be surprised in within 5 to 10 years a product like this, whether it's the Guardian Cap or not, is a minatory piece of equipment."

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