Power Of Prayer: Amy Kurtz

With one son already born and a little girl on the way, life could not have been much better for Chad and Amy Kurtz.

"That was the perfect family for us. Having a little girl and a little boy. And be complete," says Amy Kurtz.

It was ten months ago the dream was to be made complete. A daughter was about to be born. Amy had given birth once and the second time was going smoothly until right after little Lainey was born.

"In my mind I figured there was a reason why. Right then at that time I didn't know there was a reason or what the reason was. It was a very devastating moment."

Amy doesn't remember what happened. Though so many others will never forget. Shortly after giving birth, Amy began to bleed internally. So much in fact, trauma surgeons had to be called. Amy suffered abdominal compartment syndrome, blood filling her body and causing her organs to swell. When she had to be resuscitated is when Chad knew the new life in his family may cost him his wife.

"Just the thought of losing my wife, you know devastated me. The kids growing up without a mother. It was just hard to take, very hard. I just got down on my hands and knees and started praying, that was the only thing I knew to do and asking God to help us," says Chad.

"They told us it's going to take a miracle. We're knew we weren't in Dr. Fernandez hands anymore, it was in God's hands. And so that's what we relied on. We relied on God to lead her through this."

After days and days in ICU, in and out of conciseness, Amy finally began to get better. It would be two and a half weeks before she would get to see her new baby girl. That would be followed by months and months of rehab before she could come home.

Today the couple is still not sure why Amy suffered so much. They do believe though there is a reason she survived and it will be a lesson of prayer's power they'll pass on to a new generation.

"You want to make the most of everyday and to be able to look at them and say you are so loved. And you are the most precious thing in so many people's lives, including ours. And to let them know that everything happens for a reason and to raise them where they have faith and they believe there is a plan for their lives. I mean everyone pulling together praying for us. Like you say, it was in God's hands. I feel he has a reason for allowing her to live. I don't know what it is yet, I'm just thankful that she is here with me."

Reporting: Clint Yeatts