Hear dog owner and deputy talk about shooting

Tonight at 10, we're giving you a chance to see and hear video of the passionate exchange between a Rains County deputy who shot a dog and the dog's owner.  Cole Middleton recorded the conversation and gave us permission to share it with you.  It will give you a clearer perspective of how both the deputy involved and Middleton felt about the incident.  It's a new report.

We also have a new report about how some people are acting as though deer season never ended.  Maleeha Kamal has a new report on what local authorities are doing about the illegal hunting they say is a big problem.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is in the Weather Center putting together a new forecast for you.  He's checking for any possibility that you could expect rain in the near future.  Hear what he has to say about that tonight at 10.