Freedom Fighters: "Red" Alexander

Odie Alexander, nicknamed 'Red' because of his bright red hair, was only 18 when he went into the Army Air Force in 1943. He describes himself and his fellow soldiers as, "a gung-ho bunch of kids." It didn't take long for Alexander to grow up when he counted 13 B-24's going down on his very first mission over Italy.

As a nose gunner, Alexander flew F-50 Sorties during his time in the Air Force and was awarded five battle stars. On October 4,1944 Alexander's plane took a fatal hit over Munich, Germany. All 10 crew members made it safely to the ground and spent the next eleven days and nights in the Yugoslavian mountains with the Germans in pursuit. Patriots were finally able to get the crew airlifted by Russians and returned to their air base. Alexander and his crew continued flying missions until the war ended.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.