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Citizens Back Alcohol On Ballot

It's an issue that has residents in Lindale, divided. Whether or not to sell beer or wine inside city limits.

One group calling themselves Lindale Citizens For Better Business, wants voters to make the decision for themselves, and now say they've got the support to make that happen.

Over 280 signatures. That's what John Hatch needed to get the wet/dry issue on the ballot, and that's just what he got.

"I think there were a lot of people that didn't think this could be done but once you got out there and started knocking on doors it was pretty obvious that people thought this was time," said Hatch, spokesman for LCBB.

What hatch and a group of other residents are pushing for is the right to sell beer and wine at places such as grocery stores and gas stations. It's got residents divided.

On one side of the issue are residents who believe selling beer or wine is good business. On the other side, residents who believe it makes their city look bad.

"I don't want it for sale in this city, because that's not gonna upgrade the city in any way," said Don Dillard.

"The tax money would help the city of Lindale I would think," said Bill Reid.

The issue has been pushed in other cities as well. Just down the road Tyler has tried it's own version. Residents here say the main problem is the town's image.

"They came into my store and they came in and said 'Sign this petition' I said no, you might as well forget that around here... I told him I didn't want to sign it," said Glenn Pool.

"It's always been that way here, I just know how you can get out to the clubs and buy it I don't know why you couldn't go to the convenience stores and buy it," said Sherry Hill.

No matter who's right or wrong one thing is certain. It will now be left to the voters to decide.

"Clearly there are two sides to this issue.. I think this will now give those folks who have been waiting for a chance to vote on this a chance to vote on it once and for all," said Hatch.

Only Lindale residents will be able to vote on the wet/dry issue. With no major hold-ups the proposal will be on a February 5th, special election.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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