School Celebrates 100th Anniversary

It's been 100 years since students first walked the halls of Bonner Elementary. And for every year spent here, they've taken with them memories that have not been forgotten.

"Ms. Grider, my first grade teacher was just such an influence on my life. I wanted to be just like her, so I became a teacher also," says former Bonner Student, Gloria Wilkinson Loran.

"She had me get up in front of the class and sing "Beautiful Dreamer." And I was as probably as shy a person as there ever was and she convinced me I could get up there and sing that," says another Bonner Student, William Rouse.

The former classmates say remembering those times is what has brought them back after all these years.

"Most of these people still know part of their school songs, which is amazing considering it was elementary. But they all say it was their favorite part of life, everyone of them," says Alumni Group organizer, Frances Stanfeild.

Even in the middle of World War II, Alumni say they look back on their years at Bonner with a smile.

"It's just our childhood happy memories. We had bond drives. We had savings books that we could buy little 10 cent savings stamps," says Rouse.

Now grown up and scattered over the country, the former students realize time has taken a toll on the building.

"Now they're talking about a brand new school, that's fine, everything has it's day. Bonner was just such a part of our childhood."

With the recent TISD bond approval, Bonner is one of the schools that will be replaced in phase one. Which is all right with this group, who says they simply want current Bonner students to leave with the same memories they did.

Reporting: Braid Sharp