New lead gives investigators new hope

We have a new report on the new lead East Texas investigators think may help solve a month old murder.  Maleeha Kamal has a new report that shows you the surveillance video that's giving San Augustine County officials new hope.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto will have a new forecast for you.  Watch tonight to see what you can expect from the weather where you live.

What do you get when you combine a bunch of engineering students with the not-so-simple assignment of completing simple tasks in the most complicated manner possible?  You get a fun tradition at LeTourneau University.  Watch Jamey Boyum's new report on the Rube Goldberg competition tonight at 10.

It may be tradition in your house to go out to eat on the weekend.  If so, we have some information that could definitely come in handy.  Watch tonight for the new Restaurant Report to see who really impressed local  health inspectors this week.