Better East Texas: Woman runs from East Texas motorcycle officer

Better East Texas: Woman runs from East Texas motorcycle officer

(KLTV) - We have all seen videos of police officers making split second decisions. Sometimes it is in reaction to a crime, other times it is in reaction to a car accident. It is clear though, that making split second decisions is part of law enforcement skills and training. They have to do it to be effective at their job.

Perhaps you saw a local police video that shows a City of Whitehouse motorcycle officer driving through a neighborhood attempting to ask a female some questions. She responds to some of his questions but starts to run away – enter the officer's split second judgment and training. You might know the rest of the story and the outcome, but if we stop it at that point, what would you think if you were the officer?

I think it is obvious that the woman is acting suspiciously, but is it in response to the officer approaching? So, again, what would you do? We may all have different answers and probably won't ever be in that situation, but we should know what to do if we were the woman. She should have stopped.

By law she does have to give the officer her name but if she was afraid, she should have dialed 911. I think if the average person is approached by a motor vehicle and they feel threatened, they should call 911. Additionally, this was a well-marked police unit, so running was absolutely the wrong action to take. We have to trust law enforcement officials and we do have a safe guard if we are uncertain.

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