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Authorities believe Gregg Co. home invasion was 'professionally executed'


A nightmarish ordeal occurred at one East Texas family's home on Tuesday night. Three men appeared out of nowhere, tied up a husband and wife and then robbed them.

The home invasion happened around 11:30 p.m. at a home off of Highway 259 north of Longview. This incident comes just two days after a similar robbery took place in Rusk County.

Authorities say the home invasion was professionally executed. Two residents were in bed when a dark shadow appeared in their hallway.

"They robbed the individuals in the house of some items that we're still working on at this time. They were all three wearing black clothing covering all their body, head, hands, face," says Lieutenant Kirk Haddix of the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office.

We talked with one victim, who said they were both shaken by the invasion, but investigators say they did the only thing they could do to survive: comply.

"Do what they tell you to do. It's a dangerous situation. If you have someone holding a gun, you want to do exactly what they tell you to do," Haddix says.

Investigators say the intruders got into the home through an unlocked window, and confronted the victims. They were gone almost as soon as they got there, with no one seeing them come or go.

Haddix says they were very organized. The suspects were all armed male subjects, wearing black from head to toe to hide their identities. The men tied the couple up.

"Both of the residents were bound," says Haddix.

However, the victims were still able to escape.

"Left the house, got on their cell phones and called 911 and we responded," Haddix says.

The victims were unharmed, but right now the robbers are still on the loose.

On Monday, a couple near Leverett's Chapel in Rusk county were tied up and robbed by a group of men concealing their identities.

Right now, authorities say they are looking into the possibility of a connection between both home invasions.

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