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TJC students grab for cash during Financial Literacy Week

A student tries to grab some cash during Financial Literacy Week at TJC. A student tries to grab some cash during Financial Literacy Week at TJC.

Being financially literate is money in the bank, or at least in your pocket.

That’s exactly what Tyler Junior College students learned during TJC’s Financial Literacy Week. If students answered a few questions correctly, they got a chance to grab for cash in the money booth.

For some reason if you’re in school it seems they’re always throwing a test at you, and Wednesday was no different. Except that the test was verbal, and that students were awarded seconds, not points, and instead of collecting a letter grade, they collected cash and prizes.

Tyler Brittingham didn’t study and was surprised he got all three question right.

Five seconds for every correct answer, and time and paper fly when you’re having fun. Tyler scored:

“Two dollars, and a few other prizes,” Brittingham revealed.

Local businesses donated gift cards for lunches and product, and even real cash money as prizes.

Consolation prizes were given to those who didn’t get any questions right. No one went away empty handed.

Josh George also scored a perfect 15 seconds, so he decided to let me share his booth and experience the excitement and technique.

“You know, there really was no technique. You keep your eyes moving around and whatever is in front of you, you snatch it up,” George admitted.

“Did you find you had to wait for it a little bit or were you just grabbing?” I asked Tyler.

“I tried both. I had 15 seconds, I had a little time to try both but if you wait for it you’re probably going to miss it or grab the wrong color. It’s more or less a guessing game. You kind of just had to go for it.”

“So at any time were you concerned about paper cuts?” I asked George.

“You know what? I actually got one, but it’s okay,” he replied.

“They probably have a first aid station,” I said.

“They probably do. They have a band-aid,” George laughed.

“That is a risk you take in there,” I pointed out.

“Absolutely,” George agreed.

It’s a little overwhelming in the cash booth, and it does seem to be more proof that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

The Good Cents Literacy Campaign is sponsored by Texas Bank and Trust and Tyler Junior College to help students become familiar with the way financial institutions work.

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