Pollen Count From KLTV7

Pollen Count From KLTV7

Here is the latest Pollen Count From KLTV:

Trees:  0  
Ragweed/Weeds: 0/0=0
Grass: 2
Mold Spores: 1,596

Reading the above information:

Trees:  0-15  Low  16-89 Moderate
90-1499 High  1500+ Very High

Weeds:  0-09 Low   10-49  Moderate
50-499 High  500+ Very High

Grasses:  0-5 Low  6-20  Moderate
21-199 High  200+ Very High

Mold Spores: 0-899 Low  900-2500 Moderate
2501-25000 High  25000+ Very High

Allergen Count   Level of Symptoms

Absent           No Symptoms

Low ***        Only individuals extremely

                    sensitive to the pollen

                    and mold will experience


Moderate*** Many individuals sensitive to

                    pollen and mold 

                    will experience symptoms.

High***        Most individuals with any

                    sensitivity to pollen 

                   and mold will experience symptoms.

Very High***Almost all individuals with any.

                   sensitivity to these pollen and

                    mold will experience symptoms.

                    Extremely sensitive people could

                    have severe symptoms.