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Marrow Donor Meets Recipient In Longview

An Oklahoma man has had 12 years to think of a way to thank a Longview man for saving his life after the lifesaving process of bone marrow donation saved him from leukemia. Kirk Kirkpatrick was waiting today in Longview to meet a person whose life he saved with a bone marrow donation over a decade ago.

"A little bit nervous after these 12 years have passed , though about it a lot talked about it alot," Kirkpatrick said.

In 1990 Kirkpatrick was tissue typed at the first drive of its kind in Longview. It was an attempt to save his 18 year old cousin, Bryan Quinn, who suffered from leukemia. An ailment that eventually took Bryan's life.

"When you're a match in 1-in-20-thousand you're pretty much thinking we're here doing this for Bryan and if anybody matches it's a miracle and as you know nobody did match up," he said.

But he was a match for an Oklahoma man. A lucky break that saved Oklahoman David Cloud's life. For the first time the two met today in Longview.

"What do you say? Thank you doesn't cover it. I'm married, got 2 boys, and a grand baby. I've thought about this for 12 years. What was he like, what did he do, what did he look like," says Cloud.

Bryan Quinn's mother arraigned the meeting.

"If Bryan hadn't gotten sick, if he had not needed a bone marrow transplant and we hadn't had those drives, this man David Cloud, he might not have been saved," says Anita Quinn.

Every day, around 3-thousand patients access the registry of the National Bone Marrow donor program in search of a perfect match. A tissue typing drive will be held again this Sunday at Longview's First United Methodist Church from 8 am to 1 pm.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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