Yasser Arafat's Health

There are many conflicting reports today surrounding the health of Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat. There have even been rumors he had died. One of Arafat's doctors did deny that Arafat had died, but one thing is certain, he's very ill.

Yasser Arafat had a visit from French President, Jacques Chirac, in the intensive car unit. Chirac's office won't comment on the Palestinian President's condition. But, Israeli Television, quoting French sources, reports Arafat is brain dead, breathing with the help of a ventilator.

This afternoon, Arafat's chief doctor announced that Arafat is not dead, but says the 75 year old's medical condition is "more complex." The doctor wouldn't explain saying he was honoring Arafat's request for privacy.

The uncertainty of Arafat's health is causing some anxiety in the Middle East.

Palestinian officials acknowledge Arafat is in "very serious" condition, slipping in and out of consciousness, but they insist he is not dying.

Arafat's spokesman says, "I can assure you that he is not in a coma, not in that dangerous position where some media reports have said, but he is in intensive care unit."

Doctors have tested and retested Arafat and still can't find the cause of the mysterious blood and digestive disorders that have caused him to be ill for three weeks now.