SUGAR BUSTERS! Author In Tyler

The book has sold millions and the testimonies are impressive.

"We lost 20 to 25 pounds," says one woman about she and her husband.

"I lost approximately 23 pounds," says one man.

People believe SUGAR BUSTERS! works. It's a diet created by Leighton Steward. This native Texan created the diet to help ward off diabetes.

"My father and all four of his brothers developed it and I was looking for a way of eating that had less sugar in it," he explains.

His plan is simple.

"It's eating the right carbs and the right ones are those that don't cause your blood sugar to rise so rapidly, because when the blood sugar rises rapidly you get a big influx of insulin and it causes you to store fat," Steward says.

So what is a bad carb? Things like white potatoes, white bread, white rice and of course processed sugar. Steward basically advocates eating like our early ancestors.

"Because our ancestors didn't have all these highly refined foods, " he adds.

Steward says by eating carbs rich in fibers, minerals and antioxidants you can lose weight, lower your blood sugar and improve your overall health. He also insists this is not like other fad low-carb diets.

"SUGAR BUSTERS! is not like Atkins. SUGAR BUSTERS! is 40 to 50 percent carbs. Atkins is 10 percent carbs," he explains.

Steward lost 25 pounds following SUGAR BUSTERS! and believes anyone who tries it will also be successful.