Rapist Behind Bars After Being Spotted On Dating Show

An alleged rapist is behind bars today after he made an appearance on a television dating show. The woman who says she was his victim called when she saw him on the show.

It was during the NBC show, Blind Date, that the woman heard the man's voice and had a moment of recognition. Once she realized whose voice she heard, she taped the rest of the show.

That tape is what led authorities to the suspect. They'd been looking for him for more than a year in connection with several incidents, including the alleged rape. As evidence, along with the tape, police also used the victims 911 call.

Authorities say during her 911 call, you could hear the man actually "refusing the victim's request for help and to stop and let her go."

The man, whose name has not been released, is being held in jail charged with sexual assault and kidnapping.

NBC would not comment on the screening process it uses for the contestants on Blind Date.