Moral Values A Top Issue

Voters say their top issue in choosing a candidate was not the economy, terrorism or Iraq, instead it was moral values.

Many East Texans, who voted for President Bush, say traditional family values in America have eroded. The Supreme Court also made the list as another concern. In East Texas, those who voted for President Bush believe he will appoint justices who reflect conservative values.

The pastor at First Baptist Church in Longview, Tim Watson, says many voters believed it was time to take a stand. Pastor Watson said, "there was just this frustration, this restlessness on the part of Christians to say we at least got to stand up and make our voice known and so it's more of just trying to turn the tide of some very disheartening and negative things that we've seen over the last few years in our country."

It was a victory not only for the President, but also the Republican party. The GOP will embark on another term of control in the house and they tightened their grip in the Senate.

Political analysts say Republicans are beating Democrats on the issues that really matter most to Americans.