Better East Texas: The Church of Wells

Better East Texas: The Church of Wells

(KLTV) - Recently, video was released of a leader of the Church of Wells screaming and shouting at parade goers during the homecoming celebration in the City of Wells. The video is hard to understand audibly, but it shows church leaders shouting at attendees with law enforcement nearby.

Church members have been recorded on video before and this recent incident is consistent with the typical display of their preaching style. Church members certainly have the right to voice their doctrine and try to inspire and influence people, but I cannot remember any time in my life that I have been compelled to move or have had a change of opinion because I have been shouted at or berated – regardless of the importance of the message.

It is an approach that just does not work. In fact, at the very least, it turns people off and more times than not puts many on the defensive. Now, as a result of the aggressive style and reported insults towards children, some people have gone on the offensive. We have to remember that, agree with them or not, the Church of Wells has a right to exist and to reach out to tell their message, but church members must also remember that their abrasive style does not inspire or draw people closer, and it appears that some church members thrive on conflict. That approach will not win over hearts and souls.

Hopefully church leaders will get an understanding about the good news in the Bible and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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