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Better East Texas: Pipeline commentary from Michael Bishop, an East Texas landowner

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Guest commentary from Michael Bishop, a landowner in Nacogdoches County:

The recent commentary and stories regarding the need for the TransCanada Keystone Pipeline by Pat Stacey are not consistent with the real facts.

This pipeline is the most controversial project ever proposed in this country and the reason is, officials from TransCanada have fraudulently portrayed this pipeline as being in the strategic interest of the United States saying it will lower prices at the pump, create 20,000 jobs and that it is a crude oil pipeline. All of these statements have been proven false.

Even President Obama admitted that only a few dozen permanent jobs would be created and refineries admit that the products produced will be exported. Spills by this company and other tarsand pipelines require immediate safety and health review. More importantly, violation of Texas laws and our Constitution by TransCanada have resulted in lawsuits between landowners and this foreign, private corporation.

No one is opposed to crude oil pipelines, but this is not crude oil and that is an irrefutable fact. This material causes cancer, sinks in water and is mined, not drilled. When laws are violated and the rights of Texans are ignored by those we elect to protect us, it is criminal. But when governments put the rights of landowners over foreign, private corporations, and follow the law it makes for a “Better East Texas”. Thank you.

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