Oil Industry Employment Fair At Kilgore College

As oil prices continue to hover around $50 a barrel, oil companies are beginning to look for workers locally to begin production of East Texas wells. 

So today, hundreds of job applicants filed into Kilgore College hoping to gain employment in the resurgent industry. Devall Student Center hosted the East Texas Workforce oil and gas job fair, with 17 companies on hand to screen applicants. The fair was a welcomed event for both those looking for good workers and those who hope the East Texas oil patch is on the way back.

"They're not making any more of it, and what's in the ground needs to come out, and from what I know, there's still plenty here in East Texas yet," said oil field worker, John Moore.

"When it gets this high, it's economically feasible to go in there and try and get those old guys rocking and rolling again," said a Haliburton representative.

For more information on oil field jobs, you can call the East Texas Workforce offices at:

(903) 561-8131.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.