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Chases called off: Suspects not found

New rules are restricting when and how Cleveland Police can chase suspects, so 19 Action News checked on what happens after a chase is called off. 

One month ago, Cleveland Police chased a car on the West Side, a car suspected in multiple violent robberies. A supervisor called off the chase.

Since then, police have found the car, but not the suspect.

A few of weeks after that, Cleveland Police got involved in another chase with an aggravated robbery suspect

This one happened on the East Side. A police boss called it off, and since then, no word of an arrest.

And Friday, multiple sources told us that officers saw a driver suspected in an Eastside murder. When he sped off, police didn't chase.

Now investigators are working to track down that suspect.

That killing happened on East 129th Street. No one answered when we knocked at the door, and we found neighbors afraid to talk.

A massive chase that turned deadly in 2012 has led to new rules for chases involving Cleveland Police.

The rules just took effect last month, and they strictly limit how many officers can be involved in a chase and when.

It's not clear why these recent chases were called off. We've requested police radio tapes, but Cleveland City Hall has not released the tapes, even from that chase a month ago.

Privately, many officers feel frustrated by the new rules. Others we've seen want no part of a chase.

The Chief's Office says if a driver gets away Police rely on other investigative techniques, or the case goes to the fugitive squad.

But here we are starting to see new fallout from the new policy.

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