A Sound Win For Gohmert

Across the nation, Republicans gain just three seats in the U.S. House. One of those comes from right here in East Texas.

In Congressional District One, which was redrawn before this election, Republican challenger Louie Gohmert soundly beat Incumbent Democrat Max Sandlin.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Gohmert has 62 percent of the vote, Sandlin 38 percent.

Last night in Tyler, Gohmert celebrated with supporters. The former judge and army officer says he is humbled by the vote of East Texans.

Regardless of his future impact on national politics, Gohmert had this to say, "I'll just be Louie Gohmert. When we finished the time I owed the army, and my wife and I were coming back to East Texas, she says 'don't you think it's time to go by something more formal than Louie?' And I said, I'll always be Louie. I don't have any pretense. That's who I am."

Gohmert and his family say the sometimes nasty campaign from both sides has been exhausting. He survived a primary and a runoff before last night's victory.