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The 'Scandal' of last night's storm coverage

(KLTV) -

First of all, I’m truly sorry that we at KLTV had to interrupt ABC programming last night to provide news and information about the storms and tornadoes moving through the northern portion of our viewing area. We understand and appreciate how many of you feel.

One rule guides us when making the decision to interrupt entertainment shows with weather bulletins: “Is there an imminent threat to the lives and property of East Texans in our viewing area?”

Last night’s storm met the “imminent danger” test. As the system moved east over Greenville, Texas it began to develop tornadoes that threatened thousands of people who rely on KLTV to keep them safe. As many as 4 tornadoes touched down in Hunt and Hopkins Counties. The community of Birthright, near Sulphur Springs, was devastated. Thankfully, no one was injured. That is likely due to the fact that people living there had enough warning and lead time to protect themselves.

East Texas is a big place. Our KLTV broadcast signal covers an area larger than some states. Severe weather can destroy a community in one part of our KLTV viewing area while folks in other East Texas cities and counties are safe in their homes, calmly watching their favorite TV shows.

Often KLTV will be in the position of having to inconvenience some viewers in order to protect others. We don’t like upsetting any of our KLTV viewing family. But in circumstances like Thursday evening I would rather be explaining to you why we interrupted programming, than begging forgiveness from someone who lost a loved one because we did not interrupt programming.

Severe weather and tornadoes kill people. All of our viewers are important to us. We take our responsibility to protect East Texans more seriously than anything we do.

-Kenny Boles
News Director

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