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Tyler Morning Telegraph Makes Precinct Mistake

An issue that's been developing all day and all night. The Tyler Morning Telegraph today incorrectly identified 28 of 77 polling places in Smith County. It sent dozens of voters to the wrong polling location. Tonight, the Smith County Democratic party sought an injunction to keep the polls open until 10 p.m. The Texas Secretary of State stopped that attempt. A spokesperson said those precincts that were misidentified were mostly in areas populated by Democratic voters. The chairperson of the Democratic party, Karen Roberts, said, "We just couldn't get it signed in time and under statute if its not, if the order is not in place and signed to extend the hours of the polls, then they can't be extended.  It's disappointing because we just had a lady come in asking where she needed to vote and if we would have kept that location open, she'd be able to vote.  She's not."

When asked about how this decision will affect elections, Roberts said, "We don't know that yet.  Obviously, some people are going to be going places and trying to vote and if we got the extension they would be voting tonight.  Yes, if it affects the outcome, I don't have an answer, but the affect is some people aren't going to get the vote today."

Roberts also expressed feelings about the Tyler Morning Telegraph.  "Well, you know, we're frustrated this mistake happened of course.  But again, I'm sure we're going to try and get a better explanation as to why this happened."

As for the Tyler Morning Telegraph, Executive Editor Jim Giametta said quote, "We are very apologetic this happened on election day.  It was a simple mistake, a computer error. This is certainly not a conspiracy to change the results of the election."

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