Smith County Democrats Seeking Injunction

Kltv 7 has learned that the Smith County Democratic Party was in state district court this evening, seeking an injunction to keep Smith County polls open until 10 o'clock tonight.

It appears that is not going to happen and that the polls in Smith County are closed for good.

Here's the reason the injunction was filed. In this morning's Tyler Morning Telegraph, the paper misidentified 28 of 77 polling places in the county. That caused hundreds of people to show up at the wrong place to vote.

Karen Roberts, the Smith County Democratic Chairman, told us earlier she was troubled by this. She said many of those 28 misidentified polling places were in parts of Smith County that have voted heavily democratic in the past.

Well, the injunction to keep the polls open, we have now learned, has been stopped in its tracks. Before the judge was able to hear the case, the Secretary of State stepped in and said the democrats had waited too late to present their case.