Gohmert Hits The Streets During Final Campaign Hours

For Republican Louie Gohmert, getting out to vote meant standing in a cold rain Tuesday morning. He and some young volunteers stood at one of Tyler's busiest intersections to urge everyone driving by to go vote.

"This is the base. People have been wonderful," he said.

The debates are done. The speeches are given. The campaign is just about over. Just a few hours were left for Louie Gohmert to urge every person going by to go to the polls.

"We're just going to be out telling people to get out and vote, and we won't quit until the polls close," he said.

The result is expected to be close, and the campaign has been fierce.

Young supporters are on street corners, not only in Tyler, but all across the district.

Supporter Leslie Caron held a Gohmert sign Tuesday morning: "It's extremely important. We're seeing a lot more people involved in the political process and it's inspiring. People know their votes count."

Last night ended with a rally with the President in Dallas. Gohmert and some supporters got back to East Texas well after Midnight. Campaigning is not a 9 to 5 job.

Gohmert: "We're going to sleep late tomorrow. [But] I will probably be up by five tomorrow making some rounds."

He says he'll speak to Max Sandlin at some point. One of the men will have to concede. But after a race filled with negative ads, he says when there's a winner, it will be time to come together.

"We do need bipartisan help and I think there's Scripture that addresses that, and I also think a sense of humor helps."

Louie Gohmert also campaigned in Longview and Whitehouse Tuesday. He and his supporters will be watching returns at the El Charro Restaurant at Fifth Street and the East Loop in Tyler.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.