Max Sandlin Is Confident He Will Be Re-elected

Democratic incumbent, Max Sandlin says he's confident he will be re-elected. His remarks came this morning after casting his vote in Marshall.

Congressman Sandlin believes his support will come from voters who are angry over redistricting and healthcare.

As he emerged from casting his vote on this rainy Tuesday morning, the Congressional incumbent didn't seem to need the sun. He beamed from confidence.

"We've had record turn out all across the district and we've had good response. We've had good reports from the field so we feel very confident going in to today," says Sandlin. "I've been in Congress for nearly a decade. I've been in public over 18 years. I'm experienced. I had a good campaign. We ran a positive campaign. I insisted on that as opposed to the campaign that my opponent."

Despite his confidence, Congressman Sandlin acknowledged redistricting made this campaign a challenge. "I think we'll win. It'll be a close race obviously the redistricting that was planned by Tom Delay that has dramatically altered the voting."

Still Sandlin believes people, angry over redistricting, will vote his way. The other issues he believes voters care most about are jobs and health care. "Seniors built up this country, defended freedom overseas and we have an obligation to make sure they have access to affordable prescription drugs."

Sandlin spent most of the day talking with other candidates and voters, politicking for every last vote he could get.

Congressman Max Sandlin stayed primarily in Harrison county today. Tonight he'll be watching the election results from his campaign party in downtown Marshall.

Amy Tatum, reporting.