COPY-Community gathers to raise money for debilitating disease

People in Longview are doing their part to raise money for East Texans with a debilitating disease. It was all fun and smiles today at the annual 'Colors of Courage' rally and Mardigras held at Broughton park in Longview.

The event raises money for people with lupus, and teaches East Texans more about the disease.

For many with lupus, it's an overwhelming display of support.

"The money goes to research , but we're also using it to help people here in the community who fall through the cracks, with medicine and travel expenses. Because a lot of times people with lupus have doctors in other cities. so you got to and if you don't have the money and you're not on disability, you can't go," says event organizer Tamara Pipkin, who suffers from lupus.

Around 300 people turned out to support today's rally.

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