Surrogate dog mom saves 10 hungry East Texas puppies

Surrogate dog mom saves 10 hungry East Texas puppies

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - They’re furry, they’re friendly, and thanks to some caring East Texans, they’re full. Eleven puppies were left hungry after their mother was killed by a car when they were just one week old. Tonight, ten of those puppies have survived due to a little milk from a surrogate mom.

Lucy, a Catahoula mix, laid in the grass while 10 lab-boxer mixed puppies took turns feeding.

“She definitely thinks of them as her own, she takes care of them,” Francie Hodges, who helped unite them, said.

“I knew about this woman who had 11 puppies that she was trying to feed and she was having trouble with it,” she explained.

That’s when she turned to Facebook hoping for help. The story got shared hundreds of times, but one site,

, run by Tyler teen, Nicholas Nash, was the turning point.

“We got lots of responses from a lot of people,” he said with a smile.

He found Lucy, a new mother in a Texarkana shelter, her puppies were gone. She had a large milk supply, perfect for a big litter.

“She was just scared and not knowing what was going to happen to her,” Hodges said about Lucy.

With the mother and puppies located and in need of one another, all they needed was a foster home.

“The mother was going to be here in hours, the puppies were hungry, and the match up was going to be that day, and, I thought, well, I can do it,” Chris Roberts, a Tyler teacher, said.

She had seen the story on Nicholas’ website and knew she had the resources. On Monday, a new family was united.

“And when we walked into that house, she heard the puppies whimpering and she just went straight over to them, started nuzzling them, licking them, smelling of them, and then, she sat down and they just instantly attached to her and it was love at first sight,” Hodges said.

Love that helped ten puppies and one shelter dog.

“She’s a completely different dog now. She’s come out of her shell and she’s just happy, wags her tail,” Hodges said.

And, perhaps, they all helped the people they united, too.

All of those puppies and the mother are going to be available for adoption in about two weeks.

Nicholas’ Pet Haven will be taking care of all vet, food, and care expenses until they are adopted.

If you would like to donate to Nicholas’ Pet Haven to help those dogs,

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