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Classic car show helps send young burn victims to camp

Kilgore Car Show. Kilgore Car Show.

One of the biggest classic car shows in East Texas history is helping send young burn victims to a special camp. The 8th annual early bird car show in Kilgore today had a great turnout.

From classic '57 Chevy's, to customized flair, it was the biggest show the early bird car show had ever put on. Millions of dollars worth of classics were on display.

"We're 3 cars shy of having 200 this year. People just like cars. and the older they are the better," says classic car owner Derwood Beach.

The event benefits the Percy-R-Johnson burn foundation in Shreveport, which pays for burn victims to go to a youth camp.

"These are kids that have been burned in some fashion and survived. They have a camp for burn children right outside of Marshall and all the money that we raise goes to send these kids to camp for free. Costs them absolutely nothing," says event spokesperson Amber Morris.

The Lone star Lug-nuts car club contributed many of the show cars. Longview V.V.A. members also pitched in.

"I think its great. The money collected today through registration goes to a cause to help many many children to achieve some things in their life that they may not be able to," says event supporter Bill Parrymore.

It's become a passion for those who come to donate, and show off their classic cars.

"People not only enter but they donate to the show. Oh its great. it really is," Beach says.

For many the classic car brotherhood is more than just showing a car, its the good you can do with it.

"These car show people are some of the best people you'll find. Especially when it comes to helping kids," Morris says.

Organizers believe this year's show raised around 12-thousand dollars.

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