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Will banning the word 'bossy' encourage girls to be leaders?

Ban Bossy logo used for campaign (banbossy.com) Ban Bossy logo used for campaign (banbossy.com)
Girl Scouts Troop 2989 (Melissa Granberry) Girl Scouts Troop 2989 (Melissa Granberry)
Troop Leaders Melissa and Jackie discussing "Ban Bossy" (KLTV staff) Troop Leaders Melissa and Jackie discussing "Ban Bossy" (KLTV staff)
TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas Girl Scouts troop is learning more about partnering in the public service campaign that is encouraging people to stop using the word, "bossy."

The national organization says it is a word they hope girls will never have to hear again. Some of our local troop leaders say they just found out about the campaign and the underlying message of the slogan "ban bossy".

East Texas troup leaders say the slogan, "ban bossy" may be confusing.

"Ban is pretty harsh and it threw up something to me to go and check out to see what really is this all about as a troop leader and a mother," said Winona Girl Scouts troop 2989 leader.

"I think the slogan is going to throw parents off a little bit," said a Daisy Girl Scouts troop leader.

The troop leaders and mothers say they agree with the campaign's fundamentals and how it will teach courage, confidence and character.

"This will help them to be able to have self confidence in themselves, and speak up, and realize that instead of being bossy those are the characteristics of leadership," Granberry said. "They'll also learn how someone who is bossy in an aggressive term could actually be termed as a bully."

Granberry says she was called bossy as a child and feels the word could discourage girls from being leaders.

Jackie Bergen says her 10-year-old knows the difference between the word bossy and the characteristics of being bossy.

"She was like whatever when I asked her about the word," Bergen said. "It didn't seem to faze her one bit. That just tells me that her priorities are elsewhere and words are the least important to her."

Girl Scouts feels girls who display confidence should not be degraded by the word "bossy". They believe by banning "bossy" it will encourage people to lift up girls and women, and that's why Granberry is teaching her troop what to say if they are called "bossy".

"My girls can say know what one of these days I want to be the boss because my aspirations in life are to do x, y and z," Granberry said. "Being the boss is being the leader, and there's a fine line between being that boss that everyone wants to rally behind versus being that boss that's the bully."

The "ban bossy" movement began in March and has already earned endorsers like Beyonce.

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