Brawl Taints End of SFA Football Game

No word yet from the Southland Conference office concerning possible suspensions from Saturdays brawl following the Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston State football game. Some Lumberjack players took exception to Sam Houston players celebrating at midfield after their 31-28 win over SFA. Helmets and fists were flying from both players and coaches. It took several minutes before order was restored. Both coaches talked about the incident afterwards.

"I wouldn't be surprised if there's player suspensions," said Sam Houston St. head coach Ron Randleman. "We can't have that. The rivalry is too good, the schools are too good of schools, the teams are too good. We can't be ending games like that."

"I've been saying for years since I got here that this game has to back between the white lines," said SFA head coach Mike Santiago. "It's a shame that it's not. I'm embarrassed for our football team, I'm embarrassed for Stephen F. Austin, I'm embarrassed for their football team and I'm embarrassed for Sam Houston."

The Southland Conference office is expected to hand down suspensions this week for players who instigated the fight and possibly fine or suspend any coaches who were involved as well.