Will There Be A Clear Cut Winner This Election?

The 2000 election will be remembered for hanging chads and Supreme Court decisions. But are those kinds of problems just a thing of the past-- or could the 2004 election be decided in the courts as well?

Before the year 2000, most of us thought a 'Chad' was just a name. Now we see it as a threat to our election process. "I think a lot of people will have less faith in the voting system," says Franklin Slaughter.

So with this lack of faith in the voting system and countless polls that show President Bush and Senator Kerry neck and neck, does that doom us to repeat the fiasco of four years ago? Will we know for sure on election night who our next President will be?

"No," says Carol Burks. "I don't believe that."

Robert Ford agrees, "I just believe we're going to run into some kind of trouble."

"There will be some mess ups with the counting of the votes, like we had in Florida 4 years ago," says Franklin Slaughter.

Others are more hopeful. Rick Davis says, "I think we will. I'm not real confident in the polls. I think we will have a decision."

Bonnie Huffstletler is also more optimistic, "I think a lot more evangelical Christians will come out and vote this time than have before."

Besides potential poll problems, voters we spoke with say they hope the networks will handle the election more smoothly this time around.

"If all of the networks would stay out of it. We don't really need to know who is President until Wednesday morning," says Carol Burks.

With the memory of 2000 still fresh on our minds, a decision by Wednesday morning may be a bit too hopeful.

The majority of Americans believe the 2004 election will be marred by problems. In a new Newsweek poll 54% say this election will again be decided in the courts. But as for Florida, there won't be anymore hanging chads...voters there are casting ballots on touch screen machines.

Amy Tatum, reporting. atatum@kltv.com