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Accused murder suspect arraigned, granted use of USB drive in cell

James Calvert in court James Calvert in court
SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas murder suspect was back in court Thursday for his arraignment and to ask for a USB drive to accompany the laptop he has now been granted access to.

On Thursday, 43-year-old James Calvert was arraigned on a capital murder charge. Calvert is accused of killing his ex-wife and then fleeing with the couple's four-year-old son.

Earlier in March, Calvert was granted use of a laptop and printer for two hours per day. Calvert, who is defending himself, argued that he should now have access to a USB drive.

Calvert wrote a letter to the court requesting the thumb drive. He argued that it would not be a security risk having the drive in his cell. Smith County jail staff said the drive would have to be delivered to Calvert in an envelope and then signed by him to prove that it had not been tampered with.

Smith County Jail Lieutenant Larry Wiginton said his concern is that Calvert would fashion the USB drive into a weapon, threatening his safety and the safety of jail staff. He added that Calvert should have no concern to have the seal broken on the envelope the drive is delivered in.

Smith County District Attorney April Sikes argued that Calvert has previously violated jail contraband rules, saying that he fashioned a paperclip into a handcuff key and had possession of a blade and nail clippers. For these reasons, Sikes said Calvert does not deserve the USB drive.

Calvert told the court the allegations made by Sikes were lies.

Smith County Judge Jack Skeen ultimately ruled that Calvert will receive the USB drive along with the laptop and printer he has already been granted use of. As part of the ruling, Calvert's signature is required each time the equipment is delivered to him. He will be given access to it for two hours per day.

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