Counties Prepare For Record Turnout

They're getting ready across East Texas for what is expected to be the largest voter turnout in history.

In nearly all East Texas counties early voting reached record highs and election officials are expecting more of the same Tuesday.  With just one day left until the general election, officials across East Texas spent the day getting ready.

"We are expecting a huge turnout because we saw such an enormous number during early voting," said Paula Patterson, Smith County's Election Administrator.

Patterson said Smith County saw 10,000 more early votes this year than for the last presidential election and they're ready for even more.

"We ordered 100,000 ballots for 116,000 registered voters just to make sure... so we're prepared for the voters to come out," she said.

One of the biggest problems for many voters in the last presidential election was simply confusion on who they were voting for. To avoid that, election officials recommend looking over a sample ballot, you'll find one on the wall of most polling locations. Review that before casting your vote.

There are other things you can do to make your voting experience go smoothly. First, know where to vote--your voter card will have the correct precinct.  Next, bring proper identification-- a driver license or Texas ID card is best. Also, check your ballot-- make sure everything is correct before you cast your vote. You should also know where to turn for help. Don't expect problems, but make sure you know who to ask if you have one. Last but not least, be prepared for long lines.

With those tips and a little patience, election officials say your voting experince should roll right along.

We've put together a comprehensive voter guide, complete with candidate information and even a way to print out a ballot you can take with you to the poll.  To access that, click on the link below.