New Migraine Med

"When I have a migraine it's pulsating, it's tight. It's like somebody has a knife in the muscle of my neck, just pushing as hard as they can. Excruciating pain and everything is a blur," says Angie Yost.

She is one of more than 30 million Americans who suffer from migraines. Migraines affect every aspect of people's lives--from work to home, creating a tremendous burden on both families and businesses. Health care costs are 70 percent higher for families with a migraine sufferer and the National Headache Foundation reports they cause 150 missed work days a year.

"Migraines can produce a significant impact or disability and typically this can last from a few hours to several days. It's a major impact on someone life," says Dr. Roger Cady, a leading migraine expert.

He recently completed a clinical trial of the over-the-counter drug "GelStat Migraine". This 'O-T-C' is a medicated gel made with feverfew and ginger and is placed under your tongue. Cady found it relieves migraine symptoms in 83 percent of patients.

It's fast and effective because by taking it under your tongue it gets into your blood faster.

Angie says it works great.

"It's given me my life back."