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Better East Texas: Recent oil spill provides more reason to approve Keystone XL

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We recently saw in the news where two ships collided in the Houston ship channel, spilling an estimated 170,000 gallons of oil into the channel. The accident shut down the channel to one of the nation’s busiest seaports for several days, as several hundred ships were backed up due to the closure.

The incident had a cascading effect on those dependent on the channel. This accident, and other accidents involving the transportation of oil and gas, really put the spot light on how we, as a nation, move petroleum products from one point to another.

The final approval for the full project known as the Keystone XL pipeline may or may not be approved this year, but accidents like this most recent one drive home the point that, like it or not, we are a nation that uses a lot of petroleum products – oil. And, like it or not, much of the oil in the U.S. flows at some point through Texas.

Nobody likes oils spills and they damage the environment, so we should be careful to embrace those methods of transport that are safest and oil through pipelines is very safe, not perfect, but very safe. Hazmat clean up teams stay pretty active with oil spills on roadways, train accidents, and most recently shipping accidents, so the federal government needs to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. It is the safest approach for Texas and the environment, and it will keep our economy strong and make for a Better East Texas.

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